Teaching your body to process stress and trauma to return to a more balanced state 


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Somatic Experiencing offers quick-to-learn techniques to increase your physiological and emotional stability. 

People are naturally wired with an automatic defensive system (the fight-flight-freeze response) which, when triggered, leads to feelings of acute stress. Even when the triggering threat is gone, the nervous system can store unspent survival energy and create restlessness, anxiety, and dis-ease. Stress and trauma can also replay in the body even if the threat is gone. The body continues to respond in distressing physical symptoms and even dissociation, a sense of the mind floating away from the body. 

Somatic Experiencing (SE) can establish a felt sense that restores your capacity to manage and discharge the distressful symptoms that seem to hijack the body, allowing you to be more in the “here and now” and more aware of available choices. SE is helpful for shock trauma involving observed or experienced life-threatening events as well as developmental trauma related to childhood neglect, abandonment, and abuse. With our work together, you can help yourself learn to ground and regulate your body and emotions, which is the foundation for healing and growth.

Sunna Jung, PhD

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