Healing and defusing the ways your history can trigger present self-defeating coping styles


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Schema Therapy helps reshape a person's undermining  coping styles, resulting in getting needs met in healthier ways.

Often influenced by how significant others such as parents, peers and even larger institutions like school have treated them, people can use Schema Therapy to make sense of these influences. These coping styles push on an internal point that over-reacts to life's events, which leads to isolation from others, vulnerability and fear, or feelings of inadequacy and unfulfillment. Often automatic and seemingly beyond one’s control, these self-destructive coping styles unleash instability, impulsivity, and intense emotional pain. 

With Schema Therapy, you and I can identify core self-defeating patterns, increase insight into their origins, discover skills to manage and respond appropriately, and broaden your choices.

Sunna Jung, PhD

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