Helping you navigate the power of thought, emotion, memory and bodily expressions of distress.


Greenwich Village at night
Water-smoothed stones
Being a psychologist means helping people directly with a spirit that is rooted in a mutually respectful, warm, and collaborative relationship. My professional life is dedicated to creating a space in which I can help others learn to regulate their anxious feelings, explore dimensions of themselves, heal from their difficult relationships and life experiences, and enhance their self-development.

My approach to therapy involves developing an appreciation for how the mind and body interrelate and how, through the workings of the brain and nervous system, we relate with others. I also consider each person's unique history, personal strengths, and potential limitations which can help reveal ways to address presenting issues effectively. 

Sunna Jung, PhD

In Greenwich Village between University Place and 5th Avenue

24 East 12th Street
Suite 604
New York, NY 10003 




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14th Street
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